JULES'S SACRIFICE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    At Coral Castle, Jules is fixing Skye’s Eternal Knight armor, putting the finishing golden touches on it. Meanwhile, Midas meets Fade’s father the Enforcer in the beyond, and together they make a deadly alliance. Afterwards, Fade asks Jules out on a date. In the end, Jules reflects on what she thinks is the “perfect” day. Unfortunately, the night is not over...
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    1. Aliyah Wigfall

      Any part two

    2. Eyad Walid

      هلا والله بل عيال

    3. José Luis Simon

      l knew that jules was going to do the out west

    4. Trenton Ericksen

      Me watching the segment at 9:43 Well, you don't see that everyday

    5. Emily bardwell


    6. Pinochio Nose

      Oh god help me that can’t be the last one

    7. Arianna Flores

      Poor Jules

    8. Lightspeed


    9. Kid Synthesize

      She can’t be dead. The characters have survives falls,explosions, gun shots, getting hit in the head with an axe, and stabbing sand your gonna tell me that Jules just died. Lies

    10. Jacob (Ink3d) Recarte


    11. Naomi Dickerson

      It's always funny when Skye is talking to Jules because I know that in the recording studio it's just Katie talking to herself

    12. lyndal c

      But who did she save???

    13. Breakfast. and Lunch

      Me:Yay jules is dead! NSP:Why are you happy? Me:Well her last words were "STUPID BUILDER SHE THINKS SHES SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIC." Me: You see why?

    14. Breakfast. and Lunch

      Anyone else skip through the love talk?

    15. Liv Kemp


    16. Liv Kemp


    17. Kwakadoodle

      Is jules dead

    18. Xpertgamer99 fan

      This is so sad I almost cried 😭

    19. Charm

      Just watching newsscapèpru

    20. aida partovizad

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    21. aida partovizad


    22. JJ PLAYS :D

      The hell

    23. daniellejungle

      How do you do that Stuff

    24. Breakpoints AMV's

      Lol there was renegade and out west

    25. Thomas Varghese


    26. Jamie A. Pfanenstiel-Weinrich


    27. Flippin Simone

      Pls do another episode of those pls pt 2

    28. XxX_Rosie_XxX 00

      I need Part2 😩

    29. [GD] Everest / E.D.G.E


    30. bear 85

      Still I know I'm late but F for tek

    31. Baby_Ideas K


    32. Square Brain

      Jules: “I’ll be here when you get back” Epic games: WhAt If YoU wErN’T

    33. Grizzly Gamer Girlzz

      I'm guessing that's how it ends. Midas goes beyond the beyond to try to find a way back to Jules, who got turned into chaos agent, and who turned kit into gold, Meowscles is awaiting revenge for chaos agent, and Skye will help him. And fade and penny went back home. This was the best storyline ever, and in sad to see it go but there so many questions like what happens to kit or does Midas get back to Jules, and what will Meowscles do to Chaos agent? And what will happen to Skye when she gets back to her order? I hope these questions get answered someday and I'm glad I found this account a few months ago 😊

    34. Cada K

      What happened to Jules

    35. Fresh 2.0

      PART 2 PLZ!

    36. BigBoi Topia

      Midas and enforcer? Never saw that coming 😆

    37. Kalizay Tamatea

      NewScapePro love your videos keep up with the fantastic job I'm so impressed 😉👍

    38. maymaywatchay

      If you need any help, friend request me. Username = thomasboychase

    39. Jess Golds

      Me a in a cobalt skin: kiss! Kiss! Kiss!



    41. Mr Tallguy

      Why does this make me think of my real life GF that died in real life ;( - I love u Kenzie ❤️-)

    42. Mo ltty X Omega Gucci god.

      Newscapepro is going to die cuz they're removing the best characters

    43. Jazya4 Te

      الله حرشعض تغ

    44. danna velarde


    45. Kamran Qayyum

      Well Skye, Dad, Kit have died, now it's time for me...

    46. Sofia Serrano

      I think fade will save Jules

    47. NobodyKnows Charlie


    48. kristen Thomas

      It really added the scene when the fire went out and then chaos agent came whith interesting dance moves

    49. SMGaming

      If Midas comes back Ill be so happy i’ve been wanting him to come back since he got deadened

    50. Tardis Gamer13

      9:46 I'm literally crying

    51. Tha spooopy dogooo


    52. Unfriendly Gaming

      With eon Wepons

    53. Unfriendly Gaming

      And kit

    54. Unfriendly Gaming

      Is Jules permantly dead

    55. Groot Is cute

      Yes Jules death was sad but remember Charles death in the stick man games

    56. How to fun


    57. E'miyah Carter-Peterson

      Do a part 2 plzz

    58. AdventureCraftYT

      Also let’s go midas

    59. AdventureCraftYT

      The dads are just one person talking back and forth it’s amazing acting doe

    60. Angel Black

      midas sounds just like fades dad

    61. Zach

      Why do people think shes dead chaos agent did the same to rue and shes still alive its the same as before hes just possessing her 😂😂

    62. Rose Red

      Midas isn't gone for a day and Jules gets herself into trouble 😆 Also, I love Chaos Agent but he's so creepy

    63. رىوزنظضثراظ Yassin

      Hi avreyone i am team gost and i head shado and gost gost team

    64. Og sniper !


    65. Talia Gurkan

      OMG I LOVED THAT SCREAM! Oh don't worry there's nothing wrong with me. hehehe

    66. arvyn dosangh

      Love ur vids

    67. Luciano Berto da costa


    68. bryan Lawrence

      i thougth it was ocean but its still cute

    69. ghostly shredder


    70. TX sky


    71. superpokenate

      They should have an infinity war stye battle but its possessed agents of ghost vs skye and meowscles and it turns out that skye is also midas's daughter and has the golden touch. (i have a theory about skye being midas's daughter on the episode:midas's pet)

    72. Joshinnit

      Skye: C'mon Ollie! *Like he has a choice..*

    73. Cody Wells

      9:43 me when I see a gold scar

    74. Zac Bond

      jules sacrifice is the contactwith her father

    75. Isabella Nariah

      Notice how sky’s voice is every girls voice just higher and deeper and maybe voice changers

    76. RattyPlayz

      Big ded

    77. Layla Williams

      5:38 “You have to admit it describes your stick perfectly” AND I THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST FUN AND GAMESSSS

    78. ice cream all day

      Everyone including me:JULES ARE YOU ALRIGHT ME ALSO:wait what is fade and Corl castle gonna think and most of all what about KIT 😭

    79. Dreams Grandmother

      Haha lol Jules is depressed

    80. Ingrid Santamaria

      Why is everyone yesterday like *i HoPe ShE iS oK* like we don’t know

    81. Noble Society Fortnite Team l Recruiting


    82. Yugipro

      Too bad tek x Jules will never be a thing....

      1. Duckson


    83. RD


    84. Ibronzo 漢

      Hey guys Its an awesome video.Pls check out my "she wants it " on my channel and stay safe👍✋

    85. Sindre Oliver


    86. iiAbigxil_YxurGxrl

      5:04 did she say whatsapp?

    87. Legend Fouché

      She does have specific moves

    88. Dark Yeet Dragon


    89. Dark Yeet Dragon


    90. Dark Yeet Dragon

      Ye et

    91. Dark Yeet Dragon


    92. June Trimper


    93. idams_plays

      It's funny how Midas keeps calling Jules Marygold

      1. nasif rasool

        You don't spell out t like that

    94. GamerD D

      I sub to all the newscapro

    95. Prince Waffle

      And an epic employee said that to

    96. Prince Waffle

      Yeah because my sister is actually coming back

    97. Clone Gunner

      Would’ve been better if the bartender chucked the drinks at them

    98. BlaZe


    99. FBI open up

      Uhm you know DANCE PARTY WITH JULES

    100. Daíthí Hoey

      I love newscapepro